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June 14
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It is the next day and you are thinking even harder about the little contest the twins are having. It is really hard to choose, but one is standing out more romantically.. while the other is trying to push you into something. Only if he could be more romantic. Of course you are thinking about what happened last night and the other twin, Hikaru. And lucky you today you get to see him a lot!

“So (f/n)...” Hikaru says softly. He is not acting like his normal self where is the, “Pick me over my brother!” “I love you more than anything, pick me.” Now he is like “Oh hey..”

“What’s wrong?” You ask him, nudging his shoulder a little bit.

“I just.. feel kind of miserable today.” He hides his face away into his arms on the desk. He really is not himself today.

“Hikaruuuu~ oh Hikaruuuu~” You sing.. no affect. “Okay if you are being this way meet me after school and we are going to talk about all of the stuff bothering you okay? And no saying no! I will drag you if I have to.”

He looks at you and hugs you, without saying a word you hug back. What is with him today? You end up sticking by him for the rest of the school day. When you have a class with only Kaoru it is not as awkward as you thought it would be at least

“Oh hey Kaoru.” You say to him as you sit down.


He is silent too, but that can just be from last night. You go through the class with small talk. When school is over you get your stuff from your locker and wait for Hikaru. When he comes he is very sluggish.

“Okay that is it, you are coming to my house and we are going to talk in private!” You grab his hand and drag him to your house.

When you get there you realize that it could be dangerous having him alone in your house.. with you.. no one else, but he doesn’t seem like he could do anything of the sort right now. You take him up to your room, like you would with any other sad friend. You both sit on the bed and you stare at him.

“What?” He says looking at you back.

“Why are you not hitting on me?” He gives you a weird look and leans back against the wall.

“Just not into it anymore.”

“By ‘it’ do you mean me?”

“Maybe, doesn’t matter right? You like my brother better than me.”

Did.. did he find out about the two kisses you and Kaoru shared? They… they meant nothing.. well not really.. but.

“Why would you say that?” You ask, trying to remain calm.

“It is loud and clear! I have no chance. Why did I even come here.” HE starts getting up and going to the door.

You get up as well and grab his arm before he can open the door. You hold it tight and rest your head on his back.

“You idiot, who ever said that I chose him over you. I haven’t said who won yet did I?”

He then, with the other hand begins to open the door. You spin him around and push him against the door. “Are you listening?” Nothing.. “Ughh!!” You can’t handle this any more, you do the only thing you can think of. You close the gap in between your lips and kiss him.

His hand slowly makes it up to your head, he places hand on your head, while the other remains on your waist. Your arms around his neck holding him closer.

When you depart you look at each other, unsure of what really just happened.

“Do I still have a chance (f/n)?”

“You have a good chance, but so does your brother.”

“Who.. is a better kisser.”

“Ugh.. you seem back to normal.” He slyly smiles at you and leads you to the bed.

“Well your lips were like pure magic acting upon my heart!” He takes your chin and kisses you again, softly and sweet.

Not feeling like you should fight back, you give into it and kiss back. You both slowly lean back on to the bed. He holds your chin and opens your mouth a small bit. When it is open his tongue enters your mouth and explores every small detail.

After this hot make-out scene is done.. after about 10 minutes you tell him he has to go home. He sadly does so and you are home alone again.
You lay back on your bed and think about what all happened. Then you think of it then end of the week is tomorrow and this ‘game’ has been going on for long enough. You have to choose tomorrow, but who?
OKAY so I made this and i think I shall do a threesome lemony goodness or something (that is what I got the most for my little question thing) So i will try and all. Sorry these are so short and all ;-; I was like sneezing all over my laptop while writing it. so ashfbas

comment and stuff YEAH hehe c:

Part 1-…

Part 2:…

Part 3-…

Part 5-( Three-way lemon )…
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